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Make things! Balenciaga introduced shopping bag - $1100 packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Make things! Balenciaga introduced first $1100 shopping bag seventeen thousand fashion ( 她) Woven ( pi) Bag, and then fifteen thousand ikea shopping bag, both of these topics make Balenciaga ( Balenciaga) Hot on top of the search list, has been high degree of topic. Balenciaga shopping bag recently, positive, Balenciaga out doing things again, has launched a rice white 'Balenciaga shopping bag'. Although looks like common shopping bag, is actually made of top Italian calfskin, tie-in black Nappa leather handle and inner bag details, black Balenciaga LOGO LOGO, in the middle, handbags positive concise low-key. Napa is mainly refers to a style, also is a kind of representative process, now generally refers to napa for head layer cowhide every one. Although look like shopping bag, but still retains the balenciaga big classic craft, prices have great difference with ordinary shopping bag is also. Balenciaga shopping bag of reverse current pricing $1100, converted into renminbi is equal to about 7500 yuan, has been the first landing Colette. Colette in Paris fashion store ( Colette) Can be said to be the first to play concept store. Colette dominated the store display, every two weeks to update the window design, popular measure of Paris and even the whole world. Ordinary handbag factory, bag maker for their product appearance are top grade for the ultimate goal, and is often the opposite tack, Balenciaga product appearance how low how to, such marketing also let Balenciaga on China's weibo funny ranking list for many times, the subject of a huge high heat also greatly expanded the influence of the Balenciaga.
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