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Magic card and card - box packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Magic card and card box as a part of the packaging industry, the light like the previous period only introduce a card can't satisfy the public thirst for packaging, today, we will continue to talk about magic card and card box! Said to card packaging, is a lot of people will think of the most cheap paper carton, yes, already is not what high cost, naturally there will be no high cost of packing, but, must belong to the market, today we have to bring is a special box of CARDS! Magic Card box it is, today's leading role Play Card redesign by Krisztina Berta. On the general character card, JQK portraits often like in tilting mirror on both sides of the symmetrical. In order to add new to static design, Hungarian designer Krisztina Berta on the basis of follow the principle of symmetry, the faces had a makeover: she set a line for each kind of design and color, every fairy tale is a smooth curve as the center composed of simple lines. The pattern of the color itself lost rounded corners, turned into a neat geometric designs. Berta also redesigned the letters on the surface of the card, let the style of a complete set of CARDS is more uniform. In order to cooperate with such a symmetry effect, even on both sides of the box is opened, suddenly jumped to become the top card box, dark blue and dark golden symmetry also let whole appears very calm. Seems to own design card with a special card box really will make a new design of such CARDS become more noble! So, don't give you the design of the product quickly custom packaging? To night is too late!
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