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Luxury watch how to select material box - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Today, how to select material box, high-grade watch we are talking about the watch box. If you are a pretty casual watch wearer, you may not spend too much attention to store or to protect your watch. The problem is, but when we spend high price to buy a high-end watch, try to take care of it is really meaningful. In many cases, we buy watches by default, there is a table boxes, but they usually are not practical, or is not made of high quality materials. The box of high-grade watch usually choose what material? Wooden wooden box is one of the very common packing box, style is very classic, with the simple sense of of primitive simplicity massiness. Wooden packing box from starts to make to the finished product usually grind the countless times, can be directly in material, carving patterns, Logo, etc. , plasticity is extremely strong. Artificial leather watch box can also use artificial leather materials. Mainly divided into three categories of PVC artificial leather, PU leather, PU synthetic leather, one of the most popular material is now close to real leather appearance, clear pore, grain nature. Man-made leather can also according to the demand to add hot stamping, printing, embossing, etc. Artificial leather with good light resistance, ageing resistance, widely used in various high-end packaging. The above two paragraphs material watches boxes, are available on the top design glass window, so that consumers can see at a glance the product inside. This watch packaging is ideal, when don't have it, they can very good protect your watch, of course, if when you are tired, they also can be used for other accessories packaging, such as pin, cufflinks, etc. , he could even become a cool ornaments. As you can see, watch box can actually have a lot of use! In a word, use it to store a watch, much better than the ordinary watch box. Only downside is that they are only suitable for placed in the home, not suitable for carrying. Although wood, leather material technology is not very cheap, but they want to give people a feeling of high-end, luxury, packing box can not only prevent watches scratch, scratch, can also protect your watch from dust, moisture, moisture, insects and other factors, so choose a high-end box is very necessary.
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