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Louis vuitton started selling stationery the gifts you are satisfied with it packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
The LV started selling stationery gifts you are satisfied you feelings is now a big momentum, it's not that tall luxurious Louis Vuitton has also launched a set of stationery and gift products series, named as 'The art of gifting ( The art of gift) ', let a person feel thick retro nostalgia. It is a not small size product series, the first batch of products have more than 30, give priority to with daily stationery and other small things, such as pencil, pen holder, bookmarks, notepad, and photo frames, cosmetic mirror, etc. , there are some CARDS, dice as elements of small toys and 'Louis teddy bear plush dolls. ' LV pen container released from the figure, brush pot still USES the classic old checkered pattern. The range of products prices it is said that in 90 euro between 900 euro, want to experience one exquisite luxury of the LV, this will be a new choice of low threshold. For LV this gift series, LV said they are 'only a craftsman technology', 'irresistible' and 'unforgettable', although this series of products to market in January, there is no online exposure box, small make up or very much looking forward to!
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