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Little tunnel can also change, this is the power of design - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Little tunnel can also change, this is the power of design little tunnel always give a person a kind of very simple very cold feeling, so it is a favorite of many scavengers, but there is someone look at the place, after doing a little tunnel design, make it become fashion home! This place is change to the east east horizontal and Tokyo subway of sm station is the most notable 'elevated'. Little tunnel design of, your eyes can see red brick, glass door is under a certain period of overhead lines of Tokyo, feel very fashionable, also hope to walk here? And, in 'the eye black under the elevated' 28 stores all the sm type osyare air - — Wen-ching are favorite bookstore Niao house, not stick to one pattern with chicken skeleton boil soup kanto cook specialty stores, and the main French toast during the day into a champagne bar restaurant at night. Can so appealing to so many of the fashion shop, design strength is so strong! Actually not only need to design, any place any things in life we all need to design, like the packing design, we are the most common bag, can also pass design let him become more have fashionable feeling, or even more. Both handbags custom and custom box, the first thing to do is to design, need what style, what kind of material, what kind of pattern, the perfect fusion after can become a perfect work, that is the powerful role of design in the packaging!
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