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Light color art and craft - talk packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Light talk about small hin color art and craft this time in order to better serve the packaging industry, also in order to recommend the guest conform packing box and bag. See a lot of information is all about color and craft, to talk about their own feeling. Edward the & # 8211; Klein blue ( IKB) In the business is not developed, Edward Adam invented a secret of synthetic medium, the dry paint still maintains bright color, to create the lapis lazuli blue velvet texture, so klein blue ( IKB) Arises at the historic moment. Klein after I applied for a patent for klein blue in 1960, since then the blue into a 'limited edition'. Why can't I also have a to belong to own color? When this is Edward's question: today he succeeded. Prominent black logo & # 8211; Blocking and then we talk about gift box commonly used concave-convex embossing process. In recent years, printed matter, especially high grade packaging decoration products, many varieties, the development trend of prompt more popular and improve the concave-convex embossing process, concave-convex embossing a kind of technology has become more common, however, the process of produce and who know. Concave-convex embossing is the transplantation of sculpture art on the printing and use of the plate is similar to Chinese woodblock watermark using arch method. Printing, do not use the ink but the stamping pressure, the direct use of printing press operation method is the same as general letterpress, but pressure to bigger. If quality requirement is high, or paper thicker, hardness is bigger, also can use hot pressing, the printing press metal blank current is switched on.
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