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LGBTQ community not only rainbow flags and Gilbert font - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
LGBTQ community has not only rainbow flags and Gilbert font in our life have a LGBTQ such a group, but because of the society for its don't understand, only in the last Sunday of June is enough pride, so this day is known as the pride of the LGBTQ community. Gilbert Baker in a rainbow flag day in pride, LGBTQ community are in a rainbow flag to show their sexual orientation pride parade. On March 31, 2017, designers of the rainbow flag Gilbert Baker, in order to commemorate him, and to make people more free to express the so-called 'Pride,' LGBTQ NewFest commonweal organization, NYC Pride, joint Fontself ogilvy advertising and font design company to design the Gilbert fonts. Gilbert font Gilbert font we can know from above, the font to use a few kinds of color of the rainbow flag tone, it has also joined the flattening of the modern design style, is very fashionable. When the LGBTQ community pride, waved a rainbow flag, and at the same time, also can use special font to express themselves. Think, Gilbert font is fundamentally LGBTQ community in on gay identity, to the society if the bag manufacturer can take this font through a variety of technology on the bag, so the font is not just on the proud day work.
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