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Lebanese Elie Saab brand introduction - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Lebanon Elie Saab brand introduced someone once said, the fairy should have two, one is walking in the forest's Valentino, another kind of coming from the sky Elie Saab. Elie Saab's works, always are known for luxury noble, elegant charming dress, just like another VALENTINO. Let a woman walking between planktonic flow, dreamy color, full of elegant light spirit for all women to build a fairy tale dream. At the same time using fold, crystal and ShanZuan, Elie Saab ( Ellie, saab) Draw the outline of the costumes feast of elegant luxury, in a big way is aspersing yi yi is starlight, dazzling and fashion to all people at the same time, also let Elie Saab embodiment of women into the most beautiful elf kingdom princess. Elie Saab( Ellie, saab) Elie Saab( Ellie, saab) Was born in 1964 in Lebanon, the phonograph talent to grasp, express the fashion of a keen sense of smell. 9 years old when he began to make clothes for her family. He cut out newspaper clothing version of type, and then from the mother's closet looking for fabrics. After selling works will be neighbors. At the age of 18, Elie Saab opened the first in the port city of Beirut in Lebanon between his own clothing studio, in the local soon won the title of talented artists. Elie Saab widespread use chiffon lace beading sequins and other elements in 2000, Elie Saab invited by senior French fashion association, officially join the haute couture. In 2002, Halle Berry, dressed in Elie Saab design evening the Oscar statuette, since then the Lebanese designer very famous in the United States. Elie Saab brand now has five series, include haute couture clothing, accessories, wedding dress and sweet atmosphere. Le Parfum eau DE Parfum is launched in 2012. Before the court system abolished, advanced customization customers mainly members of the royal family, then gradually add the of all kinds of celebrities and stars. Fan bingbing wore ELIE SAABElie Saab also increasingly become a household name in China, because it is now almost is Chinese actress red carpet queen's shirt. Especially the fan bingbing, some statistics, fan bingbing, through a total Elie Saab25 sets of clothes, 19 high set to attend the red carpet, the cannes film festival, every time is Elie Saab alongside the body. Fan bingbing, the relationship between himself and the designer has been very good. And because tiffany tang Elie Saab high copy was Elie Saab brand, the whole event was spread. Elie Saab's high price does not poor, natural scene sweet had themselves to pay 5 million had acquired Elie Saab a dress. Scene sweet 'trenches', small make up is also designed. Angelbaby photos of wedding dress is Elie Saab couture gown. Guo jingjing and Kenneth fok the second set of wedding dress by Elie Saab, like skin pressed low-cut dress with champagne color bead piece, beautiful. Wu peici said publicly, also hope to be able to wearing an Elie Saab dress into the realm of marriage. Elie Saab gown fairy attack temperament choking while designers are started with wedding dresses, but later slowly will focus on the dress. But starting in April 2016, Elie Saab began to marriage gauze series, the launch was widely acclaimed. Woman's romantic and elegant feelings fully release, like fairy tale beautiful and romantic. Love she let her more beautiful, I love women, I try to make them more beautiful. I appreciate the attractive woman, I know that my dress should be applied with rich fabrics, complex bead piece for women to create the perfect look -- — Elie Saab as a professional packaging packaging customization enterprise, had already done many times marriage gauze packing. Every time I see Elie Saab dress, small make up princess dream, hope one day in the future, packaging can also and Elie Saab brand cooperation.
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