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Learn from Nike shoes bubbles change - packaging materials packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Learn from Nike shoes bubbles change of packaging materials if you're a fan of Nike, you must know the Nike shoes bubbles - — Vapormax! ! ! ! On February 17, the Nike Portland's global headquarters, wearing a black box round glasses, wearing a black shirt, John Hoke with his three design director, sat with big three before black and white wall of one side of the triangle, each triangle in place of a only a transparent soles, gray shoes, — Vapormax。 Vapormax sneakers this Vapormax the most attractive is the sole, all full of bubbles, the feeling is very magical, compared to before the launch of the sports shoes, it really is super halfback in design! But as a professional manufacturer of shoe customization, why want to mention this avant-garde bubble of shoes? Actually is a kind of admiration of Nike material for further research. Yes, for packaging industry material selectivity is very wide, there are many kinds of paper as light. But the bottom of the shoes of the available materials are few and far between, in such an environment, Nike still don't give up the new materials are available, and create new products, let a person admire very much indeed. For those of us engaged in the packaging industry and have? Forever just on the basis of the existing recommended customers, never go to study the new material, may be able to use the material, in such an era of rapid development, stagnation is back! With what can the stagnant!
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