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LAFAYETTE, 148 NEW YORK garment bag - runaway choice packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
LAFAYETTE, 148 NEW YORK runaway choose clothing bag 17 years ago, 148 NEW YORK LAFAYETTE ( Runaway) Born in international metropolitan New York's SOHO runaway avenue, Manhattan and the brand name. Use of the world's beer in fabrics, excellent play version and tailoring process, never brush failure design style, serve to offer a perfect thoughtful women dress. Runaway ladies LAFAYETTE 148 (NEW YORK Runaway) Design not only adhere to the line, classic style but also fusion of the latest fashionable elements shall be an ornament, not blind pursuit of fashion, but also can't stand still. LAFAYETTE, 148 NEW YORK is one of the few in the world can provide ultra small or large size designer clothing brands. For the majority of women in the world can find fit perfect dress ourselves. This close similar custom service, also extends to pull a runaway lafayette148 garment bag. Pull runaway garment bag runaway lafayette148 garment bag black cardboard, black is a classic color of eternal, let the fashion color come and go, the location of the black still remain untouched. Cardboard paper is exquisite, strength thick, is one of the production of fine paper bags commonly used materials. Logo hot white gold, one black and one white, still is the most classic will winds, highlight the brand, the atmosphere without constraint, exalted without remorse. Western romantic is bold and unrestrained and Oriental rational mix of wisdom. Packaging as a professional export Europe's big supplier, is also a 148 NEW YORK LAFAYETTE ( Runaway) Brand China partners, not only has provided its clothing bag and shirt box, cufflinks box and other products, also with close packing box custom service. Ensure that on every detail to win the praise of consumers. If you have any need, welcome to visit our website or call our hotline.
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