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La Perla an extension of the mysterious kingdom of pure La Perla garment bag - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
La Perla an extension of the mysterious kingdom of pure La Perla garment bag comes to well-known underwear brand, you might think of a person's Victoria's secret underwear, in fact in Italy have the luxury of a famous underwear brand La Perla, it originated in 1954, after more than half a century of development, although the brand line extends to pajamas, women's clothing, shoes, perfume, etc. , but underwear with its long history, noble and elegant style, has been hailed as the Rolls-Royce of underwear industry. La Perla underwear underwear is a woman speak the second layer of skin, La Perla the concepts play incisively and vividly. La Perla has its own set of underwear philosophy: a woman, in the clothes off, still is beautiful, and it is the most charming, sexy. By the spirits of love and care, must be the vulgar and pornographic share very clear. There is no lack of 'sexy and sacred, bright and pure and fresh but person, is many women face a dream, is a women's own kingdom. La Perla garment bag La Perla dream hidden except underwear itself also extends to the La Perla clothing bag, pure white tonal with dust, like a forest of the elves. Shining bright pearl paper pearly luster, gorgeous and elegant. Logo lit by hot stamping, make whole paper bag with the spirit rhyme. Likewise, carrying the pure white rib with a long history which is a kind of both sides have resembling a ears in the shape of a ribbon series products, feel is exquisite, unique, is rare in underwear bag packing accessories. LaPerla garment bag delicate unsurpassed quality, bright color, delicate fragrance, beautiful sensual experience will be the essence of luxury goods into the every detail. Packaging as La Perla China partners, we also has been sticking to the idea. Whether handbags or packing box, at the same time, we are in design and production has been sticking to read history and style of the brand philosophy, to make a perfect fit into brand packaging products.
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