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Kumamoto will star - is that it can eat the couch couch rice taste of chopsticks packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Kumamoto will star is that it can eat carefully think about it like the couch couch rice taste of chopsticks has been to introduce just about food, such as can eat, can eat card, plastic bags can eat spoon products, today is to introduce kumamoto bear countrymen, a sum of money can eat. Can eat the sum of the chopsticks appearance looks like the gree high pocky cookies, but this kind of chopsticks, from the perspective of health nutrition but cookies can not be compared. The material of the chopsticks is to plant production of bluegrass, kumamoto bluegrass is rich in dietary fiber is equivalent to the sum total of 60 fiber head of lettuce, that is a pair of blue chopsticks is equivalent to eat a whole bowl of vegetable salad. Can eat the sum of kumamoto prefecture in western Japan, is one of the biggest agricultural county in Japan, it will be down to the plain geographical environment and the warm climate, kumamoto prefecture is Japan's oldest tatami and raw material origin of bluegrass, is synonymous with senior tatami. So, this can have the couch couch rice taste of chopsticks is actually more to attract the attention of people, so as to achieve the goal of brand spread tatami chopsticks. Can eat the tatami chopsticks, to some extent, is a green product. If kumamoto prefecture to the launch of the tatami chopsticks brand for a long time, then the corresponding will also launch tatami packaging - — A canvas bag or cloth bag, thus truly up and guide people to refocus on tatami.
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