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Kids grow so fast? A fold dress can solve - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Kids grow so fast? A fold dress can solve a young mother will often complain that, kids grow so fast, buy new clothes may not be long before they doesn't fit, will have to purchase. Adulthood, we even if not fashion or shopping crazy, because of the change of the size, also will have to buy clothes. Petit Pli small fold clothes fashion designers have also been thinking about how to use a dress fit the demand of changing. Recently at the royal college of art graduate exhibition, Ryan Mario Yasin exhibited some children's clothes, the fold clothes, suitable for 6 to 36 months baby, these fold clothes is the name of the Petit Pli, in French means small fold. Yasin study at the royal college of art innovation design engineering, before this has a master's degree in aerospace engineering, aesthetic, his specialty is not but the structure and material of innovation and application. Petit Pli small fold clothes these clothes can changes with children's sports, synchronous expansion or contraction and their actions. Although the clothes are still not put into mass production in the UK, but the idea with this year's Paris couture show invited guest designer Nakazato idea coincides with mine. Nakazato said the future of garments can be infinite changes, it will grow together with you. If the concept of input and output, believe that time will certainly need to customize a large number of garment packing box, packaging as a professional packaging customization enterprise, Shanghai has been in more than 20 years for the world famous first-line brands to provide professional service, if you have demand, welcome to contact us!
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