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KFC Onmyoji theme shop, promote social - player offline packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
KFC Onmyoji theme shop, promote players offline social product brands like do now themes, such as the 'cup' season where starbucks, hermes, 'underwater world' window now KFC also should make theme shop, Onmyoji theme shop is KFC to netease mobile game 'Onmyoji'. Onmyoji theme shop net friend taken from above picture we can see that KFC Onmyoji theme shop is really sincere, full when the Onmyoji characters display in the corners of the store, to give customers a feeling of entering the secondary YuanShiJie, the theme of this store is a good way to attract young consumers. As the Onmyoji developer divide, the netease is KFC is the larger target offline chain, so that we can well attract offline players to KFC, as a collection of the offline player point is a good way to promote players' offline social, for many of the game also will improve playability. Onmyoji theme shop now many of the brand upgrades or other changes, is to seize the young consumers, after all, now young people are the mainstay of consumption, KFC has eyes aimed at young consumers, the joint netease mobile game 'Onmyoji from now popular secondary yuan to go into the young man's life, is a very good marketing entrance. So-called theme shop is to store the packaging into another kind of meaning, for product, gift box can have packaging products, define the brand meaning, in an appropriate packaging can have very good market feedback is really very simple is not!
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