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Jewelry packaging concept - the design of the function packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Jewelry packaging design function concept jewelry packaging is the brand concept, product characteristics and the comprehensive reflection of consumer psychology. It is directly affect consumers' desire to buy. Jewelry packaging as a way to realize the commodity value and use value, in areas such as production, distribution, sales and consumption plays an extremely important role, is an important topic in today's corporate world, its design has also been closely watched. 1. Safety concept ensure the safety of the jewellery and the consumer is the most fundamental starting point of jewelry packaging design. In jewelry packaging design should be based on the nature of the jewelry consider its storage, transportation, sales, carrying and use safety protection measures, different jewelry may need different jewelry packaging materials. Now can provide the material with cloth, paper, wood, plastic, etc. When choosing jewelry packaging materials, both to ensure that the material of the seismic, compressive strength, tensile, crowded, anti-wear performance, and attention should be paid to prevent sunburn, fire prevention, moistureproof, anticorrosion, leak proof and other issues, to ensure that the goods are in good condition under any circumstances. 2. Promotion concept jewelry packaging design of jewelry sales role is one of the important function of jewelry packaging design. In the process of consumers are shopping, good jewelry packaging has been silent to natural advertising or silent salesman. If the jewelry box can attract consumers' attention, arouse their purchasing desire, the packaging design will embody the idea promotion. 3. Production concept to ensure the fine jewelry packaging design at the same time, must consider the design can realize accurate, rapid and mass production, can help workers to quickly and accurately processing and forming, filling and sealing. In the jewelry packaging design should be based on the nature of the goods, the use value and consumer groups to choose the appropriate packaging materials, such as the unity of form and content, and give full consideration to save processing time, to speed up the circulation of commodities. 4. Concept art excellent jewelry packaging design should also have a perfect artistic quality. Jewelry packaging is a direct beautification jewelry art. It is easier to jump out from goods, to enjoy the beauty of the goods, so as to win the favor of the consumers. 5. Environmental protection concept of modern environmental consciousness has become the consensus of most countries in the world. Under the trend of ecological environmental protection, pollution-free environment and health of jewelry packaging design to become consumer choice. Unique jewelry and jewelry bag packaging design, can better attract the attention of consumers, through guidance can help consumers thought of jewelry is ingenious, resulting in a strong desire, both have played an important role in brand promotion, and deepen the brand image.
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