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Jewelry box under these circumstances, want to consider the upgrade - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Jewelry box under these circumstances, want to consider the upgrade for many of us, jewelry in defining our identity plays an important role, given this, it is easy to understand when not in use the importance of put jewelry in the jewelry box. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, the jewel box tend to become old, eventually need to replace or upgrade. If you already have a period of time have no replacement jewelry box, then you may have noticed some problems, these problems show that need to be upgraded. The following is you need to upgrade your jewelry box three signs. 1. Every room type error most gift boxes with different size and shape of the interlayer, in which you can put different types of jewelry. As the growth of the collection, you may need to store more types of jewelry in the jewelry box, this means that each compartment in the space may not be enough to store all your items. If trying to jewelry crammed into the compartment, may make your item tangles, especially bracelets and necklaces. Separation of intertwined jewelry is a headache thing, and you could damage the fragile chain. Replace the expensive chain than to buy jewelry box with appropriate interlayer is much more expensive. 2. Internal/external wear after years of repeated use, even the best packing box can also wear. As time goes on, the wooden jewelry box may be soft and crack. Jewelry box with leather trim may will tear and began to fall off. The lining of the jewelry mobile will wear jewelry box, in the seam together. Any such damage could endanger the safety of the your jewelry. Some problems may even completely destroy the jewellery box availability. If you find that began to wear jewelry box, maybe it's time to consider buying a new. 3. Not enough space to have a lot of jewelry collection is a good thing. Buy a new ring or pendant and add it to your growing collection, there's nothing wrong with, when fall in love with a piece of work, only need to buy it, however, will be a growing collection in you use for many years in the same old jewelry box can be a problem. It is important that everything in the store when there are enough space. Bracelet must be far away from the necklace, ring to prevent them from each other collision, so as to avoid damage. One day, all the space are occupied, but you still need to store your new jewelry. When this case, you need to buy an extra box or a bigger box. If the security of the jewelry is very important to you, then a suitable jewelry packaging is essential. A suitable jewellery box will provide enough space and compartment to store your jewelry, and there is no any internal or external damage, this will bring certain benefits to your jewelry collection.
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