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Itself and the classification of art paper packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Art paper itself and the classification of art paper as the name suggests is the same as ordinary paper, paper with a certain artistic breath. This kind of paper usually need special paper processing equipment and technology, the processing of finished paper has rich color and unique texture. Why the artist's unit price on the high side, the art of paper bag in the grade, because small make up to analyze: first of all from the paper itself: more commonly is pure wood pulp, long fiber is more, some still has an element of cotton. Paper strength is good, have toughness, and elastic stiffness of the paper is good, color is bright-coloured. Plain paper pulp is equipped with a certain proportion of wood fiber, paper is easy to become yellow, usually through coating processing. Wang Yongheng & # 8211; Embossing art paper from the point of view: embossing process can be divided for embossing before and after the embossing. Before the embossing refers to the pulp after the soft felt when not completely dehydrated, make paper fiber according to the natural grain distribution of felt, forming the special texture of the paper. Before embossing processing of natural transition pattern of the papers, fine, won't hurt the paper fiber. Embossing is finished paper after a steel roller carve patterns or designs on woodwork, using mechanical pressure to make the pattern of the sheets. After embossing process of the method is simple, relatively low cost, convenient and easy. But the process on paper fibers have damage, so the quality of the base paper directly affect the quality of the embossing after finished paper. Before the embossed pattern rule change less, after comparing embossed pattern slightly machinery, mechanical. So the process of different overall total price is also have very big difference. Once men series box but most of the time we see the type of gift box is a mid-range of art paper framed grey board, more economical and practical type. From different aspects are divided into different class, one cannot be an economical type and collection. Economical art paper is commonly fiber cloth art paper, including strengthen the rough surface of paper, and the appearance of fine lines and etching art paper. And uncertain stage art paper is commonly, smooth cotton, and cold pressing art paper is given priority to, refer to the inside, which is the art of paper. No special demand relatively advice is given priority to with affordable art paper.
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