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Inventory that high levels of appearance and summer cool and refreshing beverage packaging design packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Inventory that high levels of appearance and summer cool and refreshing beverage packaging design summer, drink also entered the sales season of the year. We go to the supermarket or a convenience store, to attract our attention may be the high level of beverage packaging bottles of appearance, 'yi, this kind of beverage bottle funky, originally bottles can also be long this' eventually we buy that bottles look cool and special. Small make up today to share a few high level of beverage packaging design appearance. Dosed bottles DOSEDOSE brand name is 'DOSE', and this time their bottles please famous designer from appearance resembling a capsule, also half transparent color, half marca dragon color, even few words, like a cure for the hot summer, bring you cool and refreshing. Seriously Unsweetened bubble water bottle Seriously UnsweetenedSeriously Unsweetened is a bubble water brand beverage manufacturers to launch in New York, as can be seen from the brand name, emphasized the drink was that sugar-free health concept, when designers in the design of packaging has also been adheres to the idea, not for the elements of heavy and complicated, adhere to exercise restraint and white space, only the simple bubble with fruit illustrations to show different flavor. StrangeLove functional beverage bottle StrangeLoveStrangeLove is a functional beverage, Australia in our impression, functional beverages generally use energy more dynamic design, and small pure and fresh and illustration elements such as insulation. But, the way of doing this type of functional beverage also USES the fresh color, queer pictures, so naughty naughty bottles, let a person cannot help to buy reading monkey story on it. Creative packaging and pleasing to the eye can always let us can't help but see a few eye, not just bottles on the outer packing design of other products.
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