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Inventory of several common special-shaped bag - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Inventory of several common special-shaped bag on the street we see paper bag shapes are usually rectangular or square, portable paper bag on the shape of it was actually far more than these. Below small make up to introduce several common special-shaped bag. Is the triangle bag triangle bag bag, bag and mouth are triangular in shape, is different from ordinary bag with two side, on both sides of the triangle bag a total of three, one of the surface due to glue them into a has obvious crease. The bag body structure as a whole than the average rectangle handbag to solid. Trapezoidal tote bags trapezoidal tote bags trapezoid paper bag general design into two kinds, one kind is trapezoidal digging pocket, the other is a trapezoidal tote bags. Trapezoidal tote bags offer bag slightly longer time than normal. Due to the appearance of the trapezoidal tote bags having a unique style, the cost is almost the same with the ordinary handbag, also many clients to choose this style. Round bag circular bag circular to elliptic, on both sides of bag is a kind of is still a rectangle bag on both sides. Both the front and far as the first two years of popular fashion Chole pig bag, Eva and beauty. In addition to the introduction of the three, there are diamond handbag etc, whatever the special-shaped bag, in the process of design and production, we must fully consider the characteristics of the built-in objects, shape, size, weight, etc. Packaging as a professional handbag manufacturer, has a group of first-class design team, own factory, 20 years for the world famous brand design and production all kinds of garment bag, products are exported to Europe. Choose us, believe that must be won't let you down.
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