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Introduction - Smythson, meisen brand packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Smythson, meisen brand introduction about classic British brand, you might first think of is Mulberry, Burberry and so on. Small hin today is to introduce another British old brand 写字。 Smythson ( Chinese pronunciation meisen) , is a classic old British luxury stationery and leather accessories brand, though its popularity as Burberry, but both in the history, the quality and design don't lose to any a British luxury brands. Smythson shops Smythson hermes is known as the stationery industry, is the world's eight for one of four royalty suppliers the titles of the company. Britain's queen Elizabeth, Monaco princess Grace Kelly, royal power and wealth and diplomatic envoys from country to country, and the President's wife Jackie Kennedy are Smythson loyal proponents. Smythson brand was established in 1887, the first founded by Frank Smythson, he opened its first store in bond street - — Smythson Smythson in the logo of 'Bond Street' and therefore, now in the new Bond Street and their stores. , Smythson and Burberry is almost the same period, the establishment of Mulberry sooner than the nearly one hundred years, to say that it really represents the classic British style. Smythson manual British local craftsmen have been circulated such a words: 'royal certification after top quality'. Smythson product line includes a series of diary, notepad, handbags, all kinds of convenient writing stationery, leather products, as well as the most red of the coat of the quiet and luxurious and elegant leather handbags. London's bond street Smythson Smythson stationery store more customized personalized stationery. On the front cover of the book, for example, hot stamping or other special watermark, given each book special significance. Now, Smythson products more abundant, there are a lot of novelty items, such as playing CARDS, bridge, and trunk 'exclusive nameplate' etc, are filled with think of opportunely, very useful! ! Smythson gift packaging, 2001 Smythson Manhattan in New York in the United States established the first store outside of the UK, and in 2004 in Hong Kong opened its first store in Asia. Smythson is authentic British brand, leather craft excellent quality, high-end and functional, send to family and friends is very good choice, you might as well walk there next time! Smythson gift packaging is always insist on the low-key costly route, as a professional packaging customization enterprise, for Smythson, want to have the opportunity to can cooperation in the future.
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