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Introduction - LANVIN brand packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
LANVIN brand introduced LANVIN is French, its pronunciation is correct: La - vin。 According to its pronunciation Lanvin Chinese called: Lanvin, but in China we usually translation wave, there are translation: Lanvin, longman, Lanvin. Lanvin is France's oldest brand high fashion brand, founded in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin ( ( 1867 - 1946). Woman was created. Today, Lanvin has become a senior French fashion industry representatives, in fashion, perfume, deserve to act the leading trend in all respects. LANVIN LogoLANVIN fashion kingdom never blindly follow popular brand. In what she had set up the brand style, simple profound proficiency of the sharply cut and color collocation, have repeatedly to the guru wonderful design, to win the allegiance of fashionable personage. In the late eighteenth century LANVIN with many international fashion at that time, to break the tradition of noble can enjoy fashion, the men's works published in the 19th century, more established her territory in the field of fashion. About 30 years old that year, Jeanne Lanvin, because her daughter's birth, and officially opened her kingdom in women's clothing design a window. Jeanne LanvinJeanne Lanvin also is the oldest in 11 children in the home, from the age of 13 after she started her first job, then become a seamstress, and at the age of 18 has run up a bonnet she was founded by business. In 1895 she and a for the Italian aristocrat 'Emilio di Pietro' married, and in three years later, Marguerite had her baby daughter, though the marriage only lasted for nine years, but Jeanne Lanvin for her daughter's care but also gave her a new force, and guide the Jeanne Lanvin a new direction. She began to design dresses for her little daughter, these come from Jeanne Lanvin design, with the average child wear clothes are greatly different. LANVIN dress because of this, the first designed solely for young girls fashion house was born in Jeanne LANVIN, then as her daughter grew up, her design of antenna also extend to the girl, and general women's clothes, also can saying is the most let women of all ages, can put on her design costumes by a unique brand. Is also quite important, by Jeanne Lanvin adone by design, can you see the full of women pose and romantic simple line clipping, but is by no means to show off sexy. In Paris in 1889, ms Lanvin senior stores standing the blessing of the Santa ana street ( Faubourg Saint- Honoré) 15 ~ 22, founded the Lanvin 'romantic' store, across one hundred, Lanvin romantic style of shop business until now, is the only one of the oldest existing in Paris couture fashion shop. Lanvin designed especially for painting genre of the & # 8221; Painting ladies & # 8221; ( 图片礼服) , drew inspiration from medieval church stained glass of Lanvin Blue, is one of the features of the brand, as well as Jeanne Lanvin's favorite color. LANVIN men's clothing as to the birth of men's actually pretty late, in 1926 by Jeanne LANVIN menswear is designed by the introduction of formal this also let originally only locate in women's fashion extends to the Whole territory. Moreover Lanvin brand, but also creates the first in 100, is still owned by the family of fashion brands. Inheritance delicate clipping is Lanvin brand in the 19th century, unique style in men's fashion toward the flow, in addition to the work clothes, also like on accessories, shoes, belts, leather goods size, and even have a complete series of products such as perfume, for alone bell exquisite fashion art people to choose. Dressed in a red skirt LANVIN brigitte Lin in many grand international red carpet and is visible to Nicole Kidman, Liv Tylor, Charliz Theron big star LANVIN dress appearance, etc. In China, the goddess of brigitte Lin favorite brand is LANVIN forever. In 2015, Lin qingxia wearing Lanvin red satin dress, appear on a reality show conference, she is sending out the beauty of wisdom, a 61 - year - old, elegant nobility. Nowadays, LANVIN stores around the world has more than 65. Now the LANVIN still is one of the most popular brand in fashion, like Chanel despising the qunfang. Packing as a professional clothing company, we sell various clothing boxes, garment bag, if you have related needs, please feel free to contact us!
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