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Introduction - Lancel brand packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Lancel brand introduction Lancel ( Lancel) At the beginning of the brand was born in 1876, when its founder Alphonse Lancel, Alfons lancel) In Paris, opened its first LANCEL ( Lancel) Named yanju ZhuanMaiDian where smoking set design is very elegant, fashionable modelling makes many gentleman celebrities. Legend dumas family literary giants are carrying the LANCEL pipe away, with LANCEL yanju puffed away at the same time, create produce many ups and downs, bizarre story of drama. LANCEL handbags 1876, Alphonse LANCEL Angele and his wife decided to open a factory in Paris, specializing in the production of pipe and the attachment associated with cigarettes. By 1883, Lancel business is getting better and better, opened branches in Paris, and established in Paris, 'elegant' image. In 1900, Lancel attracted by the modern society and women clothing, began to lady handbag design and production. Lancel accept customer's request in 1927, invented new 'automatic cigarette lighter', 'flying Lancel bags', and 'umbrella handbag', until now, these inventions is still being used. In 1929, Lancel flag opened its first store in Paris. LANCEL handbags 1956, LANCEL use nylon fabrics, designed a new bag, this bag is light, there are a lot of travel bag is very suitable for use, is a very modern bags. Zorbibe brothers in charge of Lancel brand in 1976, through their efforts, let the brand become a well-known trademark in the world. Lancel hire young designers, constantly with a young attitude, for the brand. 1997, Lancel join Richemont luxury goods group, but also established his reputation in luxury goods. In countries such as China, Japan, Russia, the United States, can see the figure of Lancel. French LANCEL both keep the traditional style, and make the brand more contemporary. Elegant fashion type mainly by python lines, the ostrich, crocodiles and other grain appearance as the main line, and with a streamlined clasp; For a young, vibrant consumer, LANCEL active type nylon handbags is the best equipment for their youth; Simple and elegant type shoulder bag is especially suitable for collocation suits, and have a series of new colors for you to choose; Professional women type is designed for professional women often go out on business, a series of light leather, travel time does not lose durability and practicality. LANCEL( Lancel) , a one hundred - year - old handbag brand, with its aristocratic design concept, to reveal status, bright Ming identity of people continuously to create new package leisurely, have it don't need to do, your's extraordinary. Lancel new spring/summer 2012 spring and summer handbags with gorgeous colour, precious material and fashionable design makes collocation extremely many item. Packaging as a professional handbag manufacturer, has been adhering to the heart of craftsmen, seiko spy, twenty years for the production of real world first-line brand high-end luxury packaging. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!
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