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Introduction - COVHERlab brand packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
COVHERlab brand introduction COVHERlab is the world famous brand, in 2010 by the fashion design master Marco Grisolia and Paola Romanello founded in Italy. The brand all along famed with high-grade, luxurious, sex appeal at the world, with the & # 8221; The symbol of status and wealth & # 8221; Brand image makes rich brownstone consumption favorite. COVHERlab is now one of the world's top luxury brands. COVHERlabCOVHERlab brand products have been covering clothing, handbags shoes, scarves, home decorations, silk scarves and neckties. COVHERlab has been famous for production of high-end luxury products. COVHERlabCOVHERlab posters as early as in 2009, with Paola Grisolia Romanello work together to build a 'Ippocampo' series of apparel, this series have 36 pieces of fashion, each fashion unique and tailored by Marco Grisolia autograph, the series in New York's Soho Ennagon gallery, sought after by numerous aristocratic aristocratic, provides a lucrative COVHERlab founded in development foundation. In 2010, Marco Grisolia with Paola Romanello COVHERlab again hand in hand to create the brand, the purity, decorative and practical perfect union. With excellent design concept and precise marketing strategy, COVHERlab celebrity status in class, to become the world's luxury goods to be bestowed favor on newly. COVHERlabCOVHERlab attaches great importance to the overall structural, Italian style of architecture structure, integrated into the design. Each do a multiple layered modelling, which USES the rigorous way of joining together, let a person not to see, too, each material fabric and colour are made a special interest, made a amazing. Designer by cutting round, shallow light color, and the perspective, the elegance of snow spinning characteristic and so on to build an elegant elegant dress experience. Apparel and clothing accessories box packaging as Shanghai custom choice for enterprise, has been adhering to the heart of craftsmen, for building the most satisfy consumer packaging.
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