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Intelligent packaging - — Titanium box, no - have you worked on packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Intelligent packaging - — Titanium box, didn't you used 2016 was an era of intelligence, the year 2017, intelligent process will continue to continue. Since the earliest smartphones, smart wear equipment, emerge in endlessly, but have you worked on intelligent packaging? Today is a kind of intelligent packaging - — Titanium box. Titanium titanium box box was designed by Senmass origination, development and manufacturing of Internet of things intelligent packaging products, not only a stylish solid shell to protect the inside of the packaging of goods, and revolutionary in the intelligence of commodity packaging, with the aid of the screen to complete the communication and interaction with consumers. Senmass successfully carry on intelligent packaging, meanwhile, mobile communication technology, data collection and analysis technology, RFID, temperature, acceleration sensor, and intelligent cloud open, and other functions, to achieve security, traceability and monitoring requirements, precision marketing, risk early warning and iterative upgrade, etc. With such function such as precise positioning and protection of anti-counterfeiting packaging is very intelligent, but is still faced with a problem. Titanium box of high cost, need to recovery, is a less good user experience for users, how to want to make intelligent packaging more lovable, so need to consider is how to reduce the cost to simplify the use of the packaging, this is the best policy. If every time packaging customization to think of it, to solve the problem, then intelligent packaging should not far from us!
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