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Increase in the price of base paper packaging industry - how to development packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Increase in the price of base paper packaging industry discussed how to develop the recent company business manager and guest compared how much is the price rise again. How to develop packaging industry. This phenomenon can occur in many companies, factories are frequent. As less professional small hin'd like to look at the inside of the problem: as an important raw material, the paper prices, really deep influence on all walks of life, especially for our packaging carton industry. Packaging & # 8212; Seven color intaglio printing machine for wrapping paper prices, cost price from all walks of life are also gained. Same price to buy the packing of the products is more and more thin, simple sense is worse and worse. Part of the price of raw material packaging enterprises began to limit orders, packaging industry a lot of pressure, manufacturers and distributors because of fear of the backlog of all dare not have too many goods. Small hin want to say: good thing we do is high-end custom, generally do not go to the spot. The other is convenient. Paper prices on the one hand, in the backdrop of the depreciation, import pulp costs; The papermaking enterprises, on the other hand, is to use coal producer, the recent price rise has brought higher costs. More important reason is that the recent national pollution to henan, hebei and other places of business management, a number of small scale, poor efficiency of mill shut down, lead to reduce paper supply on the market, and in henan province is one of the largest production base of China's paper. Under this background, the part of the paper making enterprises in the price rised and the behavior, fuelled by the rise in prices. NEWSTEP shirt boxes and for now, the old plate paper supply of goods is still in short supply, prices or continue to rise, its impetus, paper prices or will force, small businesses will be overwhelmed, packaging industry integration of industrial chain, to complete the development of intelligent packaging production line will be a big trend in the future. According to the demand of the market strong packing, low gram weight high strength. Through technology improvement, the pursuit of customized packaging, such as packaging customization, reduce waste, reduce costs and bring higher quality guest. Also hope to be able to lead the industry trend.
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