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In the new packaging - Japan canned food ushered in the spring packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Changed a new Japanese packaging canned food ushered in the spring tide effect on health, Japan began to pop, low calorie, low sugar, low salt diet, instant noodles, canned and other fast food in order to attract consumers again also develop in the direction of low sugar low in calories. Formula not only healthier, packing also more concise and rich design feeling. There is no longer just canned tuna and mackerel, appeared many new varieties of canned. Garlic, for example, scallops and other high-grade western-style canned food. High-grade canned these various formula cans packaging is often more fastidious, for example, has been sold for as much as 500 yen ( About 30 yuan) 'K&K canned,' but now, Japan's most beautiful canned title may have to island club. The want to do something special food of the press to the processed food manufacturers to increase female consumers MARUHANICHIRO, launched in March and may, respectively, the Nordic wind packaging canned 'kippis'. Northern wind packaging canned 'kippis' design approach of 'kippis' live only in the grocery store sales, 650 yen ( About 39 yuan) More than 200 yen ( About 12 yuan) Higher than that of ordinary canned, but the idea of the two companies is 'eat after the tin as groceries use'. As a professional handbag manufacturer, although the price is much higher than peers, but we have the perfect technology and quality, gift bag also can be a handbag etc continue to use after use, if you are interested, welcome to contact us.
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