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In addition to the environmental protection bags and environmental protection cup - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
In addition to the environmental protection bags and cups with environmental protection concept is more and more strong, the feeling is everywhere in our life is in the environmental protection, the first should be green canvas bag, but you know, in addition to you has been to use environmental protection bag, there is another thing you also often use, but you may not know, that is environmental protection cup! Environmental protection cup starting in the 1980 s, Britain was consciously use recycled materials. But it was not until last year, the merchant meyers kauf only developed a can be completely recycled paper cups, that happened in the existing paper cups, lead to cannot be 100% for a layer of plastic film recycling problem to be solved. In other words, the vast majority of paper cup now also can only achieve some recycling. And in our daily often drink coffee, starbucks, Costa, and so on glass will have on the remark 'these reusable, recyclable *, re - Enjoyable, 'so are belong to the environmental protection cup, just don't have the above model can be recovered to 100% of the environmental protection! If you want to make your daily behavior more environmental protection is also very simple, when you carry your green canvas bag to go with your thermos flask, coffee directly into your thermos flask, isn't that a more environmentally friendly way!
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