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In 2017, the design of the packing - five development direction packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
In 2017 five development direction of packaging design packaging is the appearance of the products and brands. A successful packaging design can't help product better able to quickly open the market, but also good brand reputation, promote brand sales of other products. Since packaging design is so important, that the 2017 packaging design have any special request! First, the structure design is very important detergent product packaging structural design should not only beautiful, meet the needs of the visual sex, the shape of the product if can reflect the performance of the products that you need to make adjustments in the structure of product design. Second, online packaging redesign snacks now a lot of people prefer shopping on the Internet, product packaging according to the different marketing platform also make a different design, but also to consider the product transportation and delivery problems. Third, packaging, use a more intelligent way qr code label basic now has entered the era of intelligent, any thing can join intelligent elements, such as many of China's food packaging have add qr code, and code can identify product authenticity, in the public, to learn more about the product and brand information. Fourth, the packing design of playability drinks brands are now a lot of brands of DIY design packaging design, common have coffee cup can DIY, this approach can give customers good products experience. Fifth, correlation between old and new product packaging design lipstick and necklace brand often do product restoring ancient ways, it is to continue the style of the old product, and at the same time sales of old products. If can link different product packaging design, that is on both product and marketing. The above introduction about 2017 five direction of packaging design, to the brand new product packaging customization has a lot of help, can help clearly show the characteristics of the product brand, accurately convey the brand concept.
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