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I will take him - socks packing packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
I will take his socks socks packaging is we wear on a daily basis, also is a kind of clothing, a large number of our home, but you're focused on socks packing? Would you be for socks packaging good choose socks? SOXY socks packing today this leading role absolutely can let you because of his nice packing and choose it! Concept by graphic designer Juliette South Korea Kim to bring socks brand SOXY have a deformation of the logo, normally it is surrounded by the brand name of a love, but as long as a little tilted to the left is the silhouette of socks. In order to cooperate with this concept, the lower left corner of the box has been removed. SOXY socks packing when you put socks box set to come over, like a pair of little socks? The use of such a simple design won the favour of many people, nature sales will be Dally going up! Packaging has always been a discipline worthy of in-depth study, and using the material to break through, sales promotion; Sometimes because of tonal choice for public appreciation; But now because of a small design let people love, so, socks also belong to clothing box packaging, need professional packaging customization service, stand out easily!
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