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'Hug' type rice bags after see whether will also want to picked it up packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
'Hug' type rice bags see whether will also want to picked it up after someone once metaphor northeast of rice a year season like babies born full-term, plump. But there's a special design team in foreign countries a melting design ( 荣设计) In infant baby for inspiration, designed a 'hug' type rice bags. Due to its own weight, it is well known that rice rice bag, all need to do a special reinforcement, especially carrying parts. Infant baby rice packaging design team through the investigation and study found that people tend to weight in 5 kg bag in her arms, so they decided to abandon the handle part, to control the size can be picked up. They design of the bags of rice into a infant baby, use transparent baby face reflects the brand rice, black rice and yellow rice product. Picked up the 'hug' type rice bags rice with green stripes, black rice with blue stripes and yellow rice yellow stripes collocation, three design is pure and lovely, let a person see after can't help them down from the shelf. Believe that if in connection with such a bag of rice, also can attract the attention of many pedestrians curiosity. Actually this is not the first time that a melting design design, after they had designed a simple white rice bags. Compared with the pure white contracted rice bags, this 'hug' type rice gift bag clearly has more vitality, more in line with the trend of creative packaging now. As a professional packaging bag suppliers, has 20 years experience in all kinds of bag making, if you are interested in our products, welcome to leave a message to us or to our website to view.
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