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How to select the color in the design of custom jewelry box - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
How to select the color in the design of custom jewelry box in the UK, according to a market research when consumers choose products, due to the attractive beautiful box, they buy products tend to more than 45% of the budget, it reflects the charm of custom jewelry box design. Color is the most sensitive to human visual elements of visual stimuli, the fastest reaction visual information symbols. In the design of custom jewelry box, color plays a decisive role. Telling you about the color packing, affect the design of jewelry boxes, and jewelry box how to choose the color in the design. First of all, custom jewelry box color categories: primary, intermediate color, composite color and complementary color. The three elements including tonal, purity and brightness. Different elements have different attributes and meaning. Tone refers to the characteristics and color difference. Basic colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, their different wavelengths, and makes the retina under the influence of different colors. The wavelength of red, orange and yellow light is bigger, to the person's visual impact is bigger, and the wavelength of light blue, green and purple small, smaller to the person's visual impact, color can reflect the inherent sense of color and temperature of things. Is qualitative index of the quality of color purity. The amount of light intensity is to stimulate an eye. Faced with different colors, people can produce temperature, light and shade, weight, strength, distance and swell-shrink different psychological reaction. Secondly, custom jewelry box color design should match with the property of commodity, the characteristics of color design should make consumers associated with the product and performance. Need to stress is that no matter what color, should be to match the content of goods as the basic starting point. According to the color of the packaging carton, consumers can be thought of packing of the goods. Finally, how to use the color of the custom jewelry box, in general, red symbolizes passion and bold and unrestrained, used in food packaging. To use blue hardware mechanical and electrical equipment can also give a person with pure and fresh feeling, in addition, the hospital hygiene products can also use blue and purple tone is noble, elegant, mysterious, commonly used in high-grade food packaging, jewelry packaging, however, it is important to note that the use of color is not rigid and hidebound, if flexible innovation, new may rebound pipa, received a surprise effect. Described above, the custom jewelry box should be able to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers and can accurately express their emotional appeal, only by color and induce consumers feel good, to induce their purchasing desire.
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