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How to reverse the impression - food packaging industry packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
The impression of how to reverse the food packaging industry, remember when I was a child my mother told me love to run errands, buy some materials can give a small fee was happy life. Then the deepest impression is that some special food condiment, pickles such a humble small Angle, is made in China is much less than the Japanese and Korean products, touched by hand, and is not sticky oil. This is the reason that the go shopping without tipping. Maybe it's a lot of domestic food packaging is generally popular, beautiful and has a certain gap. Vintage stripe insulation package as a major power food in China, why has always walked a bargain, it also has out with printing product outer packing box of involvement. Packaging is not to force, will not be high. Single from surface compared with of collecting food box, of collecting box whether by design or workmanship are lack of characteristics of itself. Walked into a species complete supermarket, made in the land of China, the tinkling of jade full target one of these two shelves for Taiwan food prepared by the Hong Kong perhaps Japan South Korea. Look, there is a kind of glory bright feeling. A product, the first attractive natural is its outer packing. Special is this time, is no longer do not have enough to eat wear not warm period. People are warm, also beginning to seek career moral character and aesthetic feeling. Food chocolate gift box has reported a while ago, as part of the laser this rare packaging carton technology abroad, map and or new techniques, in understanding the process of printing enterprise this few, therefore the process is common. So called on the people, the packing the reform will drive consumption, the economy as a whole. In accord with national conditions we walk under the condition of originality, to the quality.
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