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How to remove scratches - paper bag packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
How to remove scratch paper bag packaging 20 years professional do small hin, a handbag is really, in the long-term practice, also summarizes some skills, today small hin to handbags scratches and share with you how to remove. High-end jewelry packaging bag is seen in the factory production of small hin, sometimes, because of the machine, in the final process of finished product, indentation will rub retroperitoneal print flower, though not very serious, nor ink brush flower, just dumb film was scraped, looks like a scratched, not obvious, but look closely will still see some problems. For some higher customer, want to explain this thing is in trouble. Rework or reprint is not easy. This is our printing factory after a lot of experience to draw lessons. Finally found one of the most simple way to remove scratches, this method only for scratch is not obvious. First, we need to clean with a clean cloth, can (with a little alcohol Must be a small amount of alcohol, not wet the cloth) , then wipe go to, also can use dry cloth to wipe. This is can solve some problems, for high-end gift bags, scratch too deep can't do. Don't know little today we are pleased to share the way everyone learned?
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