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How to packaging to enhance the brand image through e-commerce - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
How to packaging to enhance the brand image through e-commerce consumers to the brand's first impression is very important. Online shopping, consumers and brand for the first time contact packaging is usually delivered to their package. So how to packaging to enhance the brand image through e-commerce? Poor quality packaging products will give a negative message, and the high quality gift box can improve customer loyalty. According to statistics, the use of packaging as a billboard can not only increase their income, but also provides the new ways to promote the brand. Across both high-grade packaging and marketing, the customer received not only care about the products, also in the box. According to the survey of the Internet e-commerce packaging, one third of all 524 online shoppers, said of the network shopping brand packaging will affect their perception of brands or retailers. When you add social media to the equation, it becomes more important: 39% of shoppers on social media to share the pictures or video products, thus bring brand beyond individuals to buy a chain reaction. High-end brands will often choose to use high-grade packaging, corrugated carton with double packing, internal like gift paper printing design, and outside is brown carton. Giver, after receipt of the packing box can be turn to become exquisite gift box. The largest online retailer amazon chose to another. The company in its send accepted third-party advertising on the crate. Brand packaging using 'god steal dads' the yellow people in the movie. Put ads on the amazon almost box may be a wise move, it may lead to additional revenue. But the company did not answer about their future plans as well as the question of whether or not to plan other third-party advertising activities. Although industry experts say this is a kind of suitable for the model of the logistics companies such as UPS and FedEx, but they predict the amazon will not be sent packing case overwhelmed with ads, because if the advertising become commonplace, advertising will soon lose attraction. Of course, there are businesses that will transport the goods is luxurious, the appearance of the packaging is not obvious. To give box contains no value, thus to enhance the security of delivery process and minimize the theft. In this case, they will be from the inside of the box, in the case of keep the fine print graphics. Only they will not be visible until when opened the package. In a nutshell, is the purpose of a brand packaging based on your product to create a positive impression, to your customers and your business to provide additional value. In this case, the electronic commerce products box is memorable and can be Shared, so can increase overall brand image. Original, reprint is prohibited
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