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How to make gift packaging more human - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
How to make gift packaging more human gift box is different from general commodity packaging design, not just in the market shelves display and circulation, but also full of the donor's good will, and it is the medium of emotional communication. Personalized gift packaging infiltrating in the mind to design the production businesses. Now the gift packaging is not unilateral, it is diversified and multi-angle. Such as: food packaging, clothing, native products packaging, craft packaging, food packing, electrical appliances, daily necessities packaging, leather goods, etc. Chinese flavor of gift packaging China is a country with a long history, vast, long time, accumulate a lot of precious traditional culture and art essence, if can operate on the gift package timely. Such as use of nanmu, camphorwood produced all kinds of box, box, used to hold pen, ink, the article such as books, paintings, inkstone, 'GuSheng should bell and drum, wave film loose nan' 'heather deep in the leaf, dusk two three' machilus already can make people think of the traditional Chinese classical poetry's depiction of the artistic conception, as the raw materials used in gift packaging to receive gifts people feel gift contains sincere love. Instead of a cold without the connotation of the gift. Some businessmen used to customize packing box, took it for granted that high-grade is good, high-grade and people will not like it? Actually this kind of idea is wrong, there is no cultural connotation of high-grade packaging, can let a person feel is a gaudy big vase, delighted at first, then look at the boring.
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