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How to distinguish between what is virgin pulp paper virgin pulp paper and other paper - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
How to distinguish between what is virgin pulp paper virgin pulp paper and other paper before did not enter the packaging industry, small make up think of virgin pulp paper is the supermarket the original wood pulp paper, enter the packaging industry, small make up just know originally virgin pulp paper is one of the high-end handbags, commonly used paper box, today small make up will give you the detailed introduced characteristic of the virgin pulp paper. Define the paper is divided into virgin pulp paper and bleached paper two kinds. Virgin pulp paper in extraction, sugar cane pulp, bamboo pulp, straw and other natural plant fiber, after cooking rinse paper made of papermaking process directly, does not contain any chemical additives. The color of the virgin pulp paper without bleaching of virgin pulp paper in general was yellow brown. Add brightener and ordinary paper, generally, the higher the whiteness, the higher the chemical composition, if used in daily life, the greater the harm to human body. Virgin pulp paper bag paper papermaking process different virgin pulp by using biological technology to replace the traditional pulping technology, the production process do not add bleach, harmful additives, such as fluorescent whitening agent completely from the source to eliminate bleaching to paper to secondary injury. How to identify the virgin pulp paper soaked in water extract, how will find virgin pulp paper pull will not break, very flexible. Virgin pulp paper and recycled paper, wood pulp paper, paper bag virgin pulp bleached paper distinguishes the difference between the virgin pulp paper recycled paper, wood pulp paper differs from other virgin pulp paper. Wood pulp paper as one of the good quality virgin pulp paper, paper is made from wood, craft is exquisite, and product grade. Pure wood pulp tissue is one of the most widely used virgin pulp paper. Recycled paper is a kind of waste paper as raw material, after the separation, purification, beating, manufacture paper with pulp and so on more than ten working procedure to produce paper. And ordinary bleached paper is based on wood raw material or waste recycled paper, to production. Bleached paper is through chemical pulping, join in the process of paper bleaching chloride, benzene and other harmful chemical additive to the person, make paper white. And bleached paper will be based on whiteness, toughness, flexibility and so on different requirements, add a lot of dry strength agent, bleach, flexibility, long-term use harmful to human body. Virgin pulp paper current situation of the development of virgin pulp paper environmental non-toxic harmless, paper is exquisite and comfortable, and do not need to laminating process, such as high-grade currently favored by European and American countries such as the virgin pulp paper, widely used in packaging industry, GUCCI, BOTTEGA VENETA, luxury goods, such as paper bags are using virgin pulp paper. If you have this aspect demand, welcome to contact the packing.
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