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How to choose the green food packaging solutions - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
How to choose the environmental protection food packaging solutions today, almost every food brands in the environmental protection and sustainable ways. For some food brands, their entire product line or products are based on the basis of sustainable, environmental protection. For other brands, is in the field of important food packaging to make small changes, thus affecting their goals, to make it more sustainable. No matter how the size of your brand, your company can undertake large and small range of change, to create a more sustainable packaging options. 1. Many cartons or paper products made of previously used waste recycled paper. Instead of being discarded in landfills and post-consumer waste can be recycled again, can be used for any paper packing box, such as milk cartons, books and so on. This is a more sustainable choice than using the original paper. 2. Reducing excessive packaging box design product structure in order to reduce packaging usage will make your products more sustainable. However, it is important to use the packing of the equilibrium quantity. Although each brand hope to avoid unnecessary additional packaging materials, but used less packaging material may damage the integrity of food. Therefore, it is important to ask yourself: without sacrificing the quality of the product or its packaging case, what can use the packaging materials? 3. Multi-purpose packaging multifunctional food packaging is a kind of make your product more sustainable innovation and interesting way. In addition, you can use a variety of different ways to make packaging. For example, food gift box design into crafts, receive a case, after this can let the consumer in the use of the food, food packing box can be repeated use consumer. 4 use of sustainable raw materials procurement is to create an important factor of sustainable products. This may include the use of materials from domestic. When the enterprise in the domestic procurement products and materials, in the process of transportation emissions can be reduced. In addition, the use of sustainable sources of food packaging materials is an effective way to create more environmentally friendly products. Choose green food packaging solution is not only beneficial to the environment, but also a positive impression to customers. Brand if you want to start your next packing design, you can also refer to the above several ways, let you more environmental protection food packaging.
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