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How to choose according to carrier bags material process - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
How to choose according to the material of carrier bags in front of the process we talked about making carrier bags material composition and processing a variety of, how to select the process according to the bag material to adjust measures to local conditions, is the focus of many bag supplier need to master. Coated paper bag coated paper coated paper is the most commonly used paper makes handbags, whiteness and luster is very good, high smoothness, bright color, after color has color, the king said, but the stiffness of the fly in the ointment is not high, so the coated paper will generally choose to increase the laminating paper toughness and stiffness. And after coated can appear more refined high-grade, durable. Kraft paper bag kraft paper, kraft paper is divided into cow leather and white leather, and tough wear-resisting, resistance to tear effect is very good. Is one of the popular green paper. General printed on kraft paper bags with dark images and text, and do not need to be coated, is one of the lowest cost carrier bags. Paperboard paperboard bag paper meticulous smooth, very broad and glossiness are nice, good printing adaptability, and is one of the production of high-grade packing box and bag commonly used paper. Common with white cardboard paper, black paper, cattle paperboard, and so on. For garment packaging industry, especially for business men's clothing, the black paper bag is more commonly used. After black cardboard usually coated or glazing oil, local UV bronzing, such as white cardboard used more advertising. Bag material and texture of paper, virgin pulp paper, aluminum foil paper, mute powdered paper and so on, each kind of material carrier bags, the best partner technology has its price range. Master the basic knowledge, it is us these bags the basic qualities of a person.
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