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How many - cloth bag commonly used production process knowledge packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Cloth bag commonly used technology to know how many bag according to the material, which can be roughly divided into two groups, paper bag and cloth bag. Paper bag is what we call the carrier bags, craft and packing carton the same, and the cloth bag is primarily a canvas bag, cotton bag, non-woven bag, etc. Small make up today to share with you the process commonly used cloth bag. Screen printing cotton cloth bag of silk screen printing screen printing is an ancient printing process, it can not only in the plane printing, also can in curved surface printing, printing, strong tinting, stereo sense is strong, easy to master technology, and the price is low. Is the design and logo printed on the textile products one of the most commonly used process. Thermal transfer printing canvas bag also called thermal transfer thermal transfer printing, is a kind of indirect transfer printing, thermal transfer printing of colorful patterns, rich layers, high gloss, no pollution, safety is the prospect of a very good printing process. Digital printing digital printing bag is to use the technology of digital printing, the principle, with an inkjet printer to the characteristics of the printing is very fine, clear, similar to the picture and the characteristics of hand-painted. And don't need to print, short production cycle can adapt to small batch production. Color is very rich, can satisfy the personalized needs of modern people. But it can't print color, it is restricted. In addition to the above several common printing craft, fabric handbag on sometimes use the process such as embroidery. But hand embroidery stitch is protean, exquisite embroidery costs are very high, usually by machine embroidery. Packaging as a professional manufacturer of handbags customization, technology and size can be customized. If you have any related requirements, you can go to our website view or telephone contact us, oh.
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