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Hot stamping technology dealing with more important - details packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Hot stamping technology detail processing is more important in people is better to make the process of packing box, bag often appear such problems, more not allowed general high-grade packaging products. Recently, a guest is also more melodramatic, the inspection found when packing box around the stamping defects problem, cause the entire shipment is rejected. Hot stamping process generally high-grade printing product surface treatment after printing technology allowing products to enhance the aesthetic, as part of the finishing of hot stamping process, make the goods in the glossiness, stereo feeling, metal feeling, good results have been achieved in such aspects as anti-fake performance, especially in the high grade product occupies an important position in the printing. Stereo bronzing version into a three-dimensional relief pattern, bronzing version are generally under the concave, and changes with depth levels, depth is deeper than the ordinary bronzing version, higher precision and can satisfy the demands of different products bronzing, the use of this kind of hot stamping version makes the packaging of goods is luxury elegant, gorgeous and rich individual character. Another stereo bronzing with hot stamping are of good quality and high accuracy of obvious advantages are applied in all kinds of product packaging, greatly expand the packaging performance ability, and the process is beneficial to environmental protection, is the first selection of printing enterprise ideal hot stamping process. BURBERRY BURBERRY clothing bags for three-dimensional hot demand and higher body hot stamping is a complete hot stamping and concave-convex embossing, so a lot of enterprises can't do it. A lot of guests ask to packing. Set up ordinary bronzing temperature as long as 70 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius, while stereo bronzing at 150 degrees Celsius. When packing in more complete custom box with good quality at the same time more is in dealing with the burden of other companies should not be completed. Package is need to do to serve you at any time and place, friends do not need to worry about time and place, be truly detail service, are always at your services.
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