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Hot stamping process is what - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Hot stamping process is hot stamping is what? Hot stamping is one of the most common process on box. But how many people really know hot stamping. Hot stamping on paper, paperboard, fabrics, coated objects, such as, using hot press method transferring material or hot stamping version of the design on the iron content of processing. Binding hot stamping processing on the cover is more commonly, in the form of kinds, such as a single material of hot stamping, hot stamping, hybrid hot stamping, set of iron, etc. Packaging & # 8211; The essence of the hot stamping transfer is hot stamping process, is put on the electrochemical aluminum pattern through the effect of heat and pressure to transfer to the substrates the process above. When plate as attached electric blank heating up to a certain extent, through the electrochemical aluminum film and paper embossing, use the function of temperature and pressure, make the attached polyester film on aluminum protectionlayer, middle layer and color transfer printing on paper. Black high business shirt boxes - — Delicate Logo but in the process of hot stamping also can appear some problems. For example: hot printing or hot stamping on rickety: such as: hot stamping temperature is low; Hot stamping time is short; Hot stamping pressure can cause the situation of hot stamping is not firm enough. Or color ink paraffin; Color print ink thick and smooth; Color print ink drying too quickly and crystallization, electrochemical aluminum models such as inappropriate. After hot stamping counter loop phenomenon: refers to the hot stamping is not firmly adhere to the electrochemical aluminum foil layer print background, some or all of the base color ink layer by electrochemical aluminum away phenomenon lead to hot stamping parts not ink. Usually pay attention to prevent hot stamping by easy distortion. How to avoid the above problems in hot stamping process, how to create amazing hot stamping LOGO handbag, packing boxes, skilled workers repeatedly groped in practice, summed up the optimum hot stamping temperature. Time and pressure etc.
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