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HM revenue growth below double digits for the first time by environmental protection fabric can play a turnaround - success packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
HM revenue growth below double digits for the first time by environmental protection material success play a turnaround H& in 2016; M revenue growth fell to 7%, below double digits for the first time. Although sales activity and too much currency fluctuations, but this a few like never revealed the real reason for income fell. In the face of the outside world, H& M has been design community called for 'sustainable fashion', from the use of recycled, organic cotton fabrics to vigorously promote environmental protection series, H& M trying to a cleaner and more friendly to the environment. h M Conscious last September, shu qi's sudden marriage - let her dressed in wedding dress brand exposure - — It was from H& M environmental conscious action limited series ( 有意识的独家收集) In a design. h M series of environmental conscious action, can continue to fashion, referred to as 'H& M意识”。 h M's goal is by 2020, all H& M material of cotton clothes are for the source of sustainable. This includes more sustainable cotton ( This kind of cotton in the process of planting not use of pesticides and fertilizers, and do not contain genetically modified organisms GMO) , recycle ( From the old clothing and textile Angle expected, they are new yarn, fiber, spun into the final weave new fabrics) And more cotton ( h M是更好的CottonInitiative ( More high-quality cotton initiative, BCI) Active members. Other environmental protection including recycled wool fabrics, the sustainability of hemp fiber, silk, recycled polyester and polyamide fiber and tencel and so on. A lot of fast fashion brand excessive pursuit of fashion trends, foundries in less developed countries. The quality of the products not guaranteed, H& M has been advocating the concept of sustainable fashion in environmental protection is becoming more and more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people today, may be in the near future for H& M brings considerable income, play a beautiful turnaround, perhaps when the time comes H& M handbags will also be for environmental protection bags, let us together look forward to!
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