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Hiroshi and LV new cooperation, do you want to buy this laptop bag and iron box - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Tin box package of chocolate. Louis Vuitton x fragments designLV and hiroshi certainly is not the first time to do a joint project, and hiroshi freemasonry LV men's creative director Kim Jones promoted the such big mergers, and hiroshi yesterday and drying out a laptop bag, two brands' English names in the above, get in and two brand logo embossing. Look this, of course, is not the only one, and before Kim Jones will also said the entire series in global sales this year, current players, only before Japan buy on sb's behalf, but also has a lot of fake products. Chocolate Pebble, then, the same will launch this year of Louis Vuitton name x, which would you prefer a joint? Change the Angle to think, LV is borders and fashion circles. Chocolate Pebble is Chocolate brown out last week another Pebble Chocolate, lightning logo in the middle of the gray iron box, to choose the wrong thing wouldn't be surprised, if don't iron box, is that there is a kind of vacuum packing, two kinds of 3500 yen and 1800 yen ( About 220 yuan and 110 yuan. ) , it will be landing on February 9th fragments design some of the channels in Japan. Whether laptop bag or iron box, seem nothing, but add to design feeling came out of their products, as well as customized bag and packing box, find a good brand and enterprise cooperation, like this product more give prize.
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