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Highly anticipated millet mobile phone not only exposure also and glory ahead of 6 to 9 - hit face packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Much-anticipated millet mobile phone not only exposure also and glory ahead of 6 to 9 hit face for many people, millet 6 phone but carry a lot of expectation, the rice noodles are call 'until you' finally, millet and response to the fans 'you waited for 203 days,' we waited for seven years, visible in both brand fans for millet seventh anniversary's works are very seriously. Millet 6 phone conference but the millet mobile phone before release, online exposes exposes two explosive images, a PPT is millet 6 conference, another claim is the machine of the millet 6 figure. From the surrounding environment, it is the preparation of millet 6 conference site, so the credibility is very high; From another phone rendering, millet and the appearance of basically won't have any big changes. Huawei honor 9 online exposure of millet 6 true figure with huawei honor 9 machine machine look like photos, not only the Home button, front lens and the sensor position is consistent, even on the back of the dual cameras modelling are strikingly similar, only the position of the LED flash to change. Glory and 9 or in millet suddenly appeared in front of the six official release, is going on this. But in point of view, actually look into face to this era of smartphones homogeneity is more and more serious, now isn't that strange thing, after all, only brand logo and the inner product is key. Millet 6 phone conference from millet release 6 we can see that the millet mobile phone boxes in the scene graph, we can see that the lid is millet logo logo above, is the millet box open after 6 cell phones, other devices with the charger and headphones are not shown, should be put on the phone, below is just did interlayer processing, from this point of view, millet in carefully do cell phones at the same time, also pay attention to the packing of the products, make your own custom box also high-grade packaging, can deserve to own high-end mobile phones.
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