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Hermes launched special kind of square box - valentine's day packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Hermes launched a special valentine's day square box with the approach of the Spring Festival, is the western valentine's day right away. Every valentine's day, and each big brand of chocolate, luxury brand is by changing the new packaging to attract the attention of the couples. Hermes scarves stirrup printing and respect of Hermes in valentine's day near launched a special 'Brides DE gala LOVE 90' square box, making the silk scarf 280, used the classic element of stirrups printing, Hermes in harness is given priority to, so there are a lot of silk scarves is given priority to with the equestrian pattern, each silk scarves works as if is a storyteller. Hermes 10 side of heart-shaped box and the hood is equipped with a special hermes heart-shaped box 10 edge, the current price of 3600 Hong Kong dollars. Let the receiver of the square can can get a gift from the appearance of tenderness. Earlier, we could see a heart-shaped box in origami DIY website, but are relatively cheap cheap. Hermes the heart-shaped face cloth box using the classic hermes orange and black border to the high-end box atmosphere, middle hermes logo printed, neither particularly prominent, and not see not clear, perfect deduce the low-key costly. As a professional custom box packing company, we have 15 years of professional experience, if you are interested in a heart-shaped box, we can provide you professional customization, for details please consult: 400 - 811 - 9772!
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