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Have stereo feeling - the concept of skin care products packaging packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
The concept of skin care products packaging is stereoscopic now skin care products have become almost everyone in the use of a product, and face the wide variety of products, how to stand out, packaging design has become one of the important link, it's not, this kind of skin care products packaging design concept map is out! Skin care products packaging series North Ice is Poland's graphic designer Iwona Przybyla to northern Europe as the theme of a skin care concept packaging design. In order to reflect the product qualities, pure Przybyla designed cartons into irregular white cubes, and evoke the glacier in the north. On the present information also grasps the minimalist, restraint of treatment, only the logo of the product. This kind of skin care products packaging is characteristic of its irregular geometry, the outer packing is an irregular polygon, make the product more change! Skin care products packaging to see such a series of feel very surprised, yes, all the products are from the outside to irregular geometry design. Classic packing box is break through the common sense of existence, so, sometimes need some design inspiration collision is done!
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