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Handbags can also into sculpture, life is full of art - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Handbags can also into sculpture, life is full of art when shopping for items, supermarket goods shop will always give you bag, all kinds of paper bag is put in the home, in the end all became waste. But in the eyes of designers, ordinary handbag can shine brilliantly, become works of art, as long as you can give full play to the imagination. Yuken Teruya design use our familiar everyday objects as the medium, turn them into more meaningful individual, it is the artist Yuken Teruya is good at. This time, the artist chose to buy paper bags, such as Gucci and at first the poking out of the holes in the bottom of the shopping bags, to rely on elaborate space and light, it creates a star-filled sky. Yuken Teruya design black bag give little light, like a Milky Way in the dark sky, the simple bag into art full of ingenuity, found in ordinary life the beauty of the unknown, the designer has really good at discovering eyes. As a professional bag manufacturer also appealed for handbag around, don't let it become a waste product.
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