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Handbag - the meaning and application of occasions packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Bag the word meanings and applications of handbags, sounds very formal, is actually in our daily life, used for serving items, carry on the hand bag, because it can be portable to carry the name. ( Words in the English language is the CARRIER BAG) 。 Bag production materials can be roughly classified into three categories: paper, plastic and non-woven fabrics, relatively low cost. Ordinary bag bag applications can be roughly divided into three categories, bag of applications in the first case is used for business holding goods, such handbags generally LOGO printed on the businessman, have the effect of walking advertisement, then it has another name - Advertising bags ( English is called the SHOPPING BAG or LOGO BAG) 。 For gift bag bag of applications in the second case is when giving gifts, also called the gift bag ( English is called the GIFT BAG) , actually this in broad sense, it is also belong to the first, just ordinary commodities into the gifts, bags printed text pattern is not business logo but blessing words and auspicious patterns. Canvas bag handbag made of applications of the second kind of situation is there are many more fashionable avant-courier of westerners will bag used to package products to use, most this kind of bag made of canvas, pure and fresh and artistic feeling back, and is especially suitable for summer can well reflect the user's personality, mood at that time, so more and more become the love of young people ( This kind of BAG in English is called CANVAS TOTE BAG) 。 Handbag is sometimes referred to as arm in arm bag, handbag, etc. In addition, the handbag the term usually refers to female bag. Packaging as a professional handbag manufacturer, our main all kinds of garment bag and canvas bag, if you have any requirements on handbags, welcome to inquiry to us!
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