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Halloween LV - create such a coffin packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
LV to create such a coffin Halloween Halloween is the holiday abroad. Last year, youtube spoof reds The Kloons get a spoof video irony, package for women is to life, this phenomenon didn't know you still remember? With small hin and see it first, beauty down flat, the guests a face of meng force doesn't know what to do, then four men suddenly put beauty in the shroud of PRADA bag. The last slogan - — 普拉达的运尸袋, — 它的 年代过去糟糕的你 Ll (need Prada outfit body bags, you can use in my life to the last of the bag. The expensive handbags, gift bag was passing. PRADA BODY BAG it was originally a parody video, never thought that the brand listen next door. 。 A few days ago some netizens photographed near Lafayette department store in New York this & # 8230; Coffin, you have no wrong, this is a fashionable coffin, LV and forceful joint, life is short, some people will let fashion throughout, to the last moment of life, but the truth is a superior custom-made, lift or Halloween day subject hype, they don't give an official statement. But for Mr Supreme, exotic flower of products is not the first time, they do what! Louis vuitton name and joint & # 8211; The coffin they had also get these things & # 8230; By numerous of people rushed to the name of bricks, its price is soaring, originally $40 on a treasure now have scrambled to about 700 + RMB in addition to the instant noodles can be used to pressure, what else can you do? 吗? Are you really take to cement paste? This year they cooperate with lv to last year's brick to upgrade the shell filled with lv sign print art breath instant Dally ceng ~ price plus a zero too? Sell you a 7000 RMB, of course, you did not see flowers, actually this kind of brick is fan spoof originality. Mr Crooke trapezoidal box of high-end jewelry box now big followed hip-hop, let we have to keep up with the rhythm, some brands of creative and level. Our original crook trapezoidal box is a portable jewelry box, break traditional form of heaven and earth cover flip, more innovative packaging. And the same applies to clothing, food, handicrafts and other industries. A collection of flat storage is very convenient. Have a friend need to hurry to call.
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