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Green future - food packaging packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Food packaging for a green future for consumer's attention is undoubtedly one of the products; However, food packaging is also condensed the producers a lot of work, even in the proportion in the product price is not low. In 2015, for example, food packaging industry in China's market size is about 256. 700 million yuan. And in the first quarter of 2016, China's food packaging industry market size of 66. 54 to 900 million yuan, revenue and profit. A total of 3, 600 million, profits. 300 million. According to the British business information consulting services company Visiongain prediction: in 2016, the scale of the international food packaging market is expected to reach $32. 4 billion. Traditional food packaging food packaging mainly is given priority to with paper, plastic, glass, metal, etc. And the continuous deepening of the concept of green, environmental protection, food packing also began to start 'green wind'. All kinds of innovative environmental protection material, has been applied to the industry. Type 1, a clear PETG, non-crystalline copolyesters, glass-like transparency, glossiness and chemical corrosion resistance, impact resistance, can be recycled. Has been used in the perfume bottles, food bottles, lipstick tubes, cosmetic box, etc. 2, bamboo, bamboo fiber and bamboo powder as raw materials, to replace logs, EPE foam and as a buffer and packaging materials. Can reduce the amount of wood pulp with the destruction of forest trees; Also in the process of fast growth process, and bamboo processing more water. 3, bran paper using furfural as raw material, to replace the same wood pulp, reduce the use of wood. At the same time, the product can also have the natural color of bran, give a person the sense with more environmental protection. Although the new environmental protection material emerge in endlessly, green food packaging also gradually into the mainstream, but part of the enterprise existence of excessive packaging. As a result, not only will increase the cost of the product and consumer buying burden, but also caused serious waste of resources. Even using environmental protection material, cannot make up for the insufficient green one side. Food packaging as a result, the green future of the food packaging needs not only the green material, need more professional custom box like packaging enterprise with green idea, so as to promote the whole food industry chain shifted to a more green.
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